Conscious Kindness Brightens The World

Using Non-Profit Education Resource Centers

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These days, it’s a wonderful thing that we have so many options online.


There are so many websites online that can help you with a whole myriad of education questions. For example, if you’re looking to become a nurse, there are many nursing school resources sites like CBCSSP, that have information on local flagship Nursing colleges in Houston area, the most Prestigious nurse college in NYC downtown and many other school resources.

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When You Want To Make A Bigger Impact

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You can make a big difference in your life and others by committing yourself to being one of those people who daily spreads cheer wherever you go. You could also learn how to make a website and spread joy that way. If you know someone who you feel is that way, ask him or her about it; find out how they feel there life is impacted because they choose to be that way.

If you are one who likes to contribute more tangibly, that’s great, because the world needs plenty like you too!

You could notice a neighbor struggling with carrying something and offer an extra hand. If you know somebody who doesn’t drive you can ask them if there’s anything you could pick up for them when you go to a store.

It could also be with a business – take for example; they may have a page on the best nursing Schools, becoming A RN and so on – if you’re a local SEO Phoenix expert or top advertising agency consultant, you may be able to lend a hand and help out in that way, helping to make a big impact in the community.


Saying Hello With a Smile

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If you really desire the interaction, though, there is something you can do differently to step up your chances. Remember that holding a door open is something that has nearly become an “expected” or mannerly thing to do, which may help explain why it sometimes goes unnoticed.

On a side note, this is expected in business these days, too – take a website like RisoTech for example, they provide medical coding information and the right medical coding salary range articles – back in the early 90′s, websites usually had one page, and not much else was going on – now, hundreds of articles is the norm.

One way of eliminating the frustration is by stepping up the kindness. Change the scenario by saying hello with a smile and eye contact. You will probably get back some smiles, at the least, and you get to go on with the knowledge that you spread some true goodness.

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Why Random Acts Of Kindness Are Getting Such Attention

This post was written by Dave Manny, a super successful Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rule entrepreneur with big hopes for humanity. He does a lot of charity and fundraising work.

Now we have “Random Act of Kindness Day” but normally it gets little attention, and comes and goes without anybody knowing it. Why not make each day a random act of kindness day? It does not need to be a special day set aside with the hope of getting the world to participate, and bring awareness to its goodness. Doing random acts of kindness can become a way of life. It can be an adopted mindset. Kindness doesn’t stop virtually – if you have fitness related experiences of expertise, opening up a YouTube channel online and sharing your weight loss for women tips could be a great way of sharing and giving (which is definitely kindness). You can make a personal decision to be vigilant to opportunities to do something kind, yet unexpected, in everyday life. There is no need to beat yourself up if you don’t get one in on a particular day, but another day you may do 2 or 3. This is about turning it into a mindset that will bring joy to the receiver and the giver (that is you)! (more…)

Are We Too Busy To Help Others?

This article was written by Lucy – she just finished up a Sprained ankle Recovery guide on Google Docs.

People talk about the hustle and bustle of life, and go on endlessly about being so busy!

We are spread terribly thin and often feel under stress. It appears that it is, overall, becoming an accepted way of life. One may call a friend to connect and say hi, and get no answer. Another one will text a someone to ask him or her if they want to meet for dinner, and often no text is returned. Not so long ago, if we reached out to somebody and got nothing back, we would be very concerned. Now, we just accept that others are busy, and days or weeks can pass before getting a call back. Everybody seems to be lamenting about how busy they are.

A good question to ask oneself is, “Am I really that busy in reality or is it an accepted mind set?” Much is publicized these days about creating our own reality. Is everybody really as busy as they speak of being? Are you finding time in your life for those things that really makes life worth living? Do you stop once in a while to smell the roses?


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